You want to sell ​​a company?

Buying or selling a company is not easy. Good preparation and professional advice are the highest guarantee for a successful business transfer. As a professional intermediary you guide the entrepreneur in the sale of his company. But where can you find the ideal investor? How do you get in touch discreetly? How do you take care of one efficient exchange of information?

KBC Match'it is the digital matchmaking platform for the transfer of business, where SME owners who wish to sell their business can confidently engage with potential investors looking for acquisitions. KBC Match'it brings Belgian takeover files together in one central place and efficiently facilitates the start of the takeover process.

Via KBC Match'it, your customer gains access to an extensive group of potential investors in Belgium and neighboring countries. Our platform allows you, as an advisor, to draw up an attractive and clear information memorandum in a user-friendly manner. Data is only shared with prospective buyers after approval by you or your customer.

KBC Match'it

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  • Advisors experience KBC Match'it as more efficient and less time-consuming. The communication and follow-up process is also more streamlined
  • Candidate buyers no longer have to sit around the table with various M&A brokers in their search for the ideal acquisition file. The standardization in the IMs also makes the analysis a lot easier.
  • Sellers are assured that all potential buyers have seen the file leading to price maximization.

How do you find the ideal candidate?

  • 1

    Contact KBC Match'it

    Contact us on +32 2 429 48 58. We carry out a screening of the company that is being offered up for sale, based on some initial high-level information.

  • 2


    Contractual agreements are being discussed and signed. You will will receive an invitation email, to start preparing the info memorandum.

  • 3

    Sign up


    You create an electronic file and send it to KBC Match'it.

  • 4


    An anonymous profile of the company, containing only high-level information, becomes visible to all potential investors on the platform.

  • 5



    Each file must be made available in 3 languages ​​(Dutch, French and English). The translations can be provided by ourselve or by us.

  • 6



    Interested buyers request access to the detailed file. You alone decide who sees the complete file.

  • 7



    You decide with whom you want to schedule a meeting and negotiate further.


How much does our matchmaking service cost?


Contact us on +32 2 429 48 58 for a free quote.

We offer you:

  • a module to create a visually strong IM
  • a broad investor base
  • an efficient communication and feedback process

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