Yes. When creating an information memorandum, you always have the choice whether or not to include and describe the property. Does it concern a real estate company? Please contact KBC Match'it to look into the possibilities.

In order to provide you with a solution for every aspect of the acquisition process, KBC Match'it works together with a select group of external partners. They can advise and guide you in legal and tax topics, in providing (subordinated) financing solutions, as well as in investing your recently acquired capital.

KBC Match'it does not provide full guidance throughout the acquisition process. We work together with external partners (click here for an overview). We can also offer solutions within KBC (o.a. with regard to financing, company valuation, etc.).

Companies registered on KBC Match'it are active in various sectors and regions in Belgium. They have an acquisition value between 1 and 10 million euros.

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