From now on, you can view the entire file via your Profile. The platform also includes a feedback module afterwards ("interested" / "not interested"). Contact the KBC Match'it team in case of further questions or uncertainties.

Your credit card details may no longer be up to date. Go to "Payment details" in your profile. Update your details and contact the KBC Match'it team to have your application processed again.

In the teaser of each company you will find the region at the top. There are 4 regions: West (East and West Flanders), East (Antwerp and Limburg), Central (Flemish Brabant and Brussels) and South (Wallonia).

An NDA is a Non Disclosure Agreement. A confidentiality clause is used at every preliminary stage of the negotiations. This emphasizes, among other things, that the information that is subsequently released is secret and must be treated in strict confidence.

It is very important to provide some context along with your detail request (e.g. in which industry are you active, why are you specifically interested in this company, etc.). From experience we notice that sellers will give faster access to a detailed file when they have more background information.

You can change this yourself in your Profile. Once logged in, click on your name at the top right. Then go to "Preferences: deals"

Each information file includes the following information: description of the activities (company name, logo, company profile, unique selling proposition, products and services, sales market, suppliers and logistics information), financial data from the last 2 to 5 years (key figures, balance sheet, profit and loss account and cash flow statement), presentation of the organization (organizational chart company structure, shareholding, management, history, reason for transfer, personnel information ...) and any other information that a seller considers desirable to state (such as certain permits). In the Deals page you can always view a sample file (" View our demo project ").

The seller is automatically informed that you, as a potential buyer, have requested his / her detailed file. The seller now has the option to grant you access or not. You will also be automatically informed of this. If you do not receive a notification within a few days, please contact the KBC Match'it team for an update.

KBC Match'it is automatically informed that you, as a potential buyer, have made a non-binding offer. KBC Match'it will contact you and ensure that your offer is given the necessary context. Afterwards, the seller will be informed. Based on this, initial exploratory discussions can be organized between buyer and seller.

You can request access to the company's detailed file. Please note: your application is only final if a motivation has been filled in, if you agree to signing a non-disclosure agreement as well as paying the corresponding fee according to your subscription.

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