No, any candidate-buyer can request access to the KBC Match'it platform. Are you already a KBC customer? Feel free to contact your trusted KBC contact person to gather more information.

Please contact us to discuss your case (+32 2 429 49 58 or In a personal meeting, the file is discussed and a plan of approach is worked out.

You can easily register via itsme®. This way you can go through our registration process very quickly and easily. The itsme® app is a mobile version of your identity card. Itsme® only works if you use 3 elements: your smartphone, your SIM card and your unique itsme® code. This combination ensures that you can digitally prove your identity via the itsme® app in complete security. With the itsme® app you can not only easily submit your access request for KBC Match'it, but also log in afterwards.

Don't have itsme (yet)? Leave your details here. Afterwards, we will send you the necessary (paper) registration document by e-mail.

KBC Match'it will contact you to further complete your access request administratively.

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