Cenergie (°1997) is a commercial service provider active in the sustainable energy sector. The company offers specialized advice at every stage of a building's life cycle, from design to demolition over renovation. When the founder and majority shareholder wanted to sell his stake, he contacted KBC Match'it. Tom Peeters - Managing Partner at White Stone Ca­pi­tal - turned out to be the right candidate-buyer.

The right match

"KBC Match'it is a user-friendly platform where prospective investors have transparent access to essential business information and key financials. The shares of Cenergie were offered for sale through KBC Match'it. Cenergie is an innovative company with 30 highly educated employees that assists clients in the energy-efficient construction and renovation of large projects. Cenergie is an established name in the sector, with 20 years of experience in energy consulting and energy management."


"Negotiations were very though on some points. After a few months, we – assisted by our respective advisors – reached an agreement on the price and terms & conditions of the sale."

'The special thing about Cenergie was that, at the time and even still today, the company was led by a CEO with a minority stake. The CEO, active in the company for several years now, proved to be a very reliable partner.'


Shortly after the acquisition, a number of restructuring operations were carried out. "Additional cost savings were achieved, and more importantly, new customers were attracted. The company is currently well on the way to become the reference in energy services for larger real estate projects."

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