Shortly after the launch of KBC Match'it, the platform proudly announced its first match, which shortly after also resulted in the platform’s first successful sale. Young entrepreneurs Arne Schelkens and Bram De Schouwer registered as investors on the platform in November 2016. A month later Arne and Bram received some good news.

The right match

"When we received that email from KBC Match’it in our mailbox, we didn't have a clue about what its impact would be. The email, entitled 'You have a new match', accounced that a highly profitable B2B company was for sale in our region. Was this really a match? We must admit that the word ‘profitable’ grabbed our attention and we decided to take a closer look on the platform. One call later, we decided to request the company's detailed file.” KBC Match’it provided the entrepreneurs with a clear mix of financial and operational data.

"The upfront fee seemed quite high to us at first, but if we had had to gather all this information by ourselves, we would certainly have had to disappoint our families during the Christmas period. We were able to use the Match'it information memorandum during the discussions with the sellers and even later, when applying for financing. The memorandum saved us time during every step of the negotiation phase.

'KBC should be proud of this digital platform, as it takes the traditional acquisition process to the next level!'


Proud to be a Gemini

"After a short, intense period of negotiations, we decided to make an offer. Not via the platform, which we thought would be impersonal. An acquisition is still an emotional process. Thanks to KBC Match'it we found and closed a match in a period of time that exceeded our wildest expectations. Proud to be a Gemini is our slogan, but KBC can be equally proud of its new digital platform, as it takes the traditional acquisition process to the next level.

Ambassador for social employment

In 2018, Gemini was named ambassador for social employment. "All our bracelets are handmade in social workshops in our own country. We support social employment, and also ensure quality products by using only natural products. For this, we received the Handmade Award Unizo’s branch in the Province of Antwerp.”

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