L. Zwijsen Optics

Optics Zwijsen has been the reference in all kinds of glasses since 1958. A team of 10 people gives professional advice in their own shops in Sint-Niklaas, Mol and Herentals. Until recently, the company was family-owned. In the absence of further family succession, the current owners, Hilde Zwijsen and her husband Bart Ooms, decided to look for an external investor. KBC Match'it proved to be the perfect tool in their search for the ideal buyer.

Thanks to KBC Match'it, the shareholders came into contact with Oogwereld. Oogwereld is a Dutch group of 45 high-quality opticians' shops. The shops are a household name in the sector: using the latest eye measuring equipment and through highly trained eye specialists, Oogwereld provides the best eye care and eye fashion at a price that suits the customer. Until recently, Oogwereld was only active in the Netherlands, but has a clear vision for further expansion to the neighbouring countries.

Perfect match

From the first contact (in February 2019), it was clear that the DNA of the two companies was similar: both have a strong focus on high quality service and products. Soon there was concrete talk. A letter of intent was signed, the due diligence process was started, and some time later the negotiations resulted in a final sales agreement.

For Oogwereld this is a nice first step in Flanders. Moreover, they remain interested in high quality opticians' shops in Flanders in order to create a relevant network, similar to the Netherlands.

The fact that the name Zwijsen is retained and that the buyer has the same vision as Hilde & Bart, means that they can leave the company with peace of mind. They will remain on board for a few more months to accompany the takeover. Bart will even further support the growth of Oogwereld in Flanders.

Role of KBC

KBC Match'it not only brought both parties together, but also introduced them to other services within KBC to facilitate the further process. Oogwereld was assisted by KBC Bank Nederland & Rabobank with regard to financing; Bart and Hilde by KBC Private Banking with regard to asset advice and planning.

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